Want More Real Estate Referrals? (10+ Effective Tips)

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When you have a rethink on how highly competitive the real estate industry is, one will wonder how to stand out in this highly competitive world. One of the most effective and highly efficient ways to take your real estate business to another level is the use of referrers. Studies of trends of the real estate business show that more than the third quartile of the businesses comes through referrers. If you mean to truly maximize your sales or real estate referrals, you must be able to offer an exceptional service that cannot be compared to what others. Also, Explore: Using 2D 3D Floor Plan Services, you can have most interactive and photo-realistic floor plans for your properties which always help in selling more.

Real Estate Referrals

Here is a list of concepts and ideas that can be used to elicit real estate referrals.

Give incentives and rewards for your referrals.

Giving rewards and incentives for referrals to has proven to be really effective in improving your sales in real estate. The incentives don’t have to be anything excessively exceptional, your gifts may be fun t-shirts, gift cards or anything you are certain your customer will appreciate. And this brings me back to another very important point that you need to know your customers as much as you can for you to be able to make the right choice of reward for them. Giving your customers rewards is a way of showing them appreciation and a way of wooing new customers and clients.

Prepare a perfect drip marketing email campaign

Your drip marketing emails are the prewritten emails and messages that get sent to your leads and followers automatically. These messages help build and nourish a relationship between you and your leads. To effectively use the drip email marketing strategy, you will need the mailing list.

Attend real estate networking events.

Another tip that has proven to be widely effective improving referrals and the turnout has gotten from them is to attend real estate events. Attending a real estate event will not only help you to get new referrals, it will also help you to build a solid network of referrals. Come to think of it, real estate events provide an opportunity for recognizable real estate agents and businesses to be known. Attending a real estate network event gives you the opportunity to connect with customers and industries.

Show off your brand on the social media platform

With the ever-increasing populous using the social media. Facebook, in particular, has proven to be very pivotal and can be used as a marketing tool towards improving your business online. Instagram and snapchat can also be used as a tool to help bolster the business.

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Here are some really effective tips that have proven to be effective in getting more real estate referrals.

  • Hold fundraisers meetings with groups of company owners.
  • Start a LinkedIn group and regularly post original thoughts and contents. At least once in a day.
  • From time to time, buy the local firefighters breakfasts
  • Close your calls by asking your clients and customers what you can do for them.
  • Post flyers and postal on every boards and door in the environment.
  • Give away incentives and gifts. Oh, and ensure your name or business name is on it.
  • Do not underestimate the power of emails addresses and phone numbers
  • Get more clients and referrers by contacting past clients and customers.
  • Generate more real estate leads by speaking to parents at elementary schools.
  • Build backlinks to your website to generate real estate leads and to boost your search engine ranking.
  • Make video contents about the home that you service.
  • Sponsor a local football team or a music program
  • You can also co-brand with another business (local business) in your locality.
  • Market to your friends and family members; they will always want to help, encourage and support you.
  • When answering calls messages and email, do it in a professional manna
  • Offer free values to everyone that will accept them.


The use of real estate referrals offers a great opportunity to increase the business. It is very important that you understand the roles which it plays in improving your business. It is also refreshing to know that you are interested in exploring all the areas that can and will improve all the efforts you invest in branding, marketing, promoting and even communication with customers and clients helping you to build a much more solid relationship between you and your customer.

You don’t have to be told that the chance of having referrals is a measure of the strength or depth of relationship you have with your clients, and as a result of this, it is important that you employ all these very useful and widely effective tips in ensuring you get the maximum return out of your real estate referral’s endeavors.

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