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  • For 2D or 3D Floor Plan / 3D Exterior / 3D Interior (images or pictures or sketch plans or blueprints or Elevations or, CAD or PDF files)
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Create 2D Floor Plans : Importance

Article by Sandy Smith

Below are some reasons why 2D floor plans is important and needed by agents.

Better Visualization

Pictures provide a good view of properties to clients/buyers but a better and more appreciated view comes from a floor plan. It makes visible, descriptions that pictures cannot reveal. These descriptions include storage space, measurements, and windows. The plan does not only give a good description, it is good at making visible selling features such as extensions and knock-through. Presenting a plan as an agent to your clients helps you in gaining their confidence in you and your abilities better than when you present a picture. The fact that they can get an exact measurement scale and comprehensive view of what they are buying make it easier for you as an agent to sell out the property and for buyers to believe your advertisement. (Create 2D Floor Plans)

Buyer can find it difficult to view a property alongside an agent after undergoing the stress of the day. Making a plan available to them makes it easy for them to picture the material from home by sitting down and going through the plan at their own free period/leisure time. This helps them to make better decisions without regrets.


Presenting images to clients could be attention catching and yet deceptive. Buyers now believe things presented as images cannot be completely trusted because some editing jobs must have been done to give it the nice look it is having. Buyers have experienced situations where they get to the location of a property and what they get is entirely different from the image presented. This has in return; reduced clients trust in images presented by agents and increase the difficulty of marketing a property without a proper floor plan. 2D Floor Plan makes you look professional as an agent and get people to believe your advertisement and story when they could actually see a clear view of dimensions, room measurements etc. These present you as a professional in the field to your client thereby making sales faster and better. Properties with planning are more marketable and fast selling than those without one.

Record keeping and memory

It is an obvious fact that house hunters do not settle for a property without first putting into consideration several available options. This makes it difficult to remember what house they have checked especially after seeing several attention catching buildings in a day. Calling to remind the buyer about yours may warrant embracing questions demanding to know what the house looks like again. With a plan attached to your marketing material and listings, you will save yourself the stress of constant description and explanations. However, you will successfully have a clear picture of your market painted in their mind where it cannot be erased easily.